Gaby • I am a 29 year old mom ttc for my 3rd child. Hope it happens soon.
OK, so I removed my IUD on the 1st of August... On the 4th of August I started bleeding for a whole week... I don't know if that was my period or was it because of the IUD... I was told that I might experience SPOTTING caused by the IUD... but what I experienced was not spotting at all... It was more of a period to me because it lasted the same time as my normal period would last... I'm confused about that... So now on this month of September I was expecting to get my period on the 10th of Sept. and I haven't had no sings of my period at all... During all this time I TTC... I really really wanna take a pregnancy test to see if I'm pregnant. Should I wait more time to have a more positive answer or could their NE a chance I could be pregnant?

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