i need advice. what’s happening to my body??

hi everyone. i’m in a bit of a pickle. my period is now 5 days late. i am 17. me and my boyfriend of 2 years had unprotected sex a few times, including when i was ovulating.

i know how dumb it is, believe me. no one feels more guilty and bad about it than me.:( obviously when my period was late, we immediately bought pregnancy tests. i took one when it was 2 days late and there was a very very very faint, barely visible grey line. i looked into it and it could just be an indentation line? i took one the next day as well (3 days late) and it was completely negative, no line at all. i am now 5 days late and wondering what the heck is going on. i plan to retest today. any idea what could be happening? my cycles are usually pretty accurate, sometimes with a fluctuation of 1-2 days. i haven’t been under any more stress than usual and my eating/sleeping habits are relatively consistent. i am going on a week vacation tomorrow. could that affect it? super nervous because i know my period will

probably come while i’m on vacation at the beach :( i’m not looking for a lecture because obviously i know how irresponsible i am being and i am disappointed in myself. any advice or explanation you can give would really be appreciated! thanks 😌❤️

@jessica: no he did not cum in me. i read that it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s first morning pee or not. is that true?