2 year old Speech Therapy session: autism?


My son has been in speech therapy for about a month now (he turned 2 in May) and he has been working with a new therapist these last two weeks who i feel like I trust more and seems to have more experience than his last one. Really, she said he is doing great. We are working on engagement and eye contact to help promote language right now. She kind of brought up “the elephant in the room” today and said that maybe I should consider having him evaluated for autism...in my head I have gone back and forth wondering if that could be his case but he also displays so many characteristics that are not likely autism like he is very affectionate, loves sensory activities, plays games like peek a boo, laughs appropriately...I guess some of the red flags we talked about today were of course his speech delay, some issues with eye contact and focusing on a task for a long period of time, and when she blew bubbles he got excited and “flapped his arms” and I mentioned he really only will do it when he is excited not like at random times...he generally sleeps and eats well although I would say he is a somewhat picky eater. Anyway, I took her advice seriously and called my pediatricians office to see if we should take a next step or wait a couple months and see how he continues to progress. He is also getting his ears checked at the end of the month. He only says a few words and he communicates with me using nonverbal gestures like pointing or walking me to things...I am not asking if you think my kid has autism because he either does or doesn’t and I am willing to do whatever it takes at this point but I just needed to vent because I cried and cried and cried after speech therapy today and took him to the park. I am just so upset I have been trying to do everything with him and I just want my baby to talk. I feel like I have so many things to teach him. It is just frustrating and I feel like only people that have had similar experiences understand what I am going through. The therapist didn’t make it seem like she for sure thought it was autism but she said having three kids herself she would personally have them evaluated because any diagnosis could help us open more doors in the long run.