Do you tip on a carry out order (not delivery-carry out only)


Alright so now I’m curious. I’m a really good tipper- we ALWAYS leave 20-30% at restaurants because I’ve been a waitress and my husband has been a waiter so we definitely get it. However, if I get carry out and go pick it up I don’t tip- just always put 0 if there’s an option because I don’t feel like I’m getting a service. So anyway, tonight my pregnant ass is CRAZING Olive Garden salad. Its all I want. So, I go online, get just a salad and nothing else and pay online. There was an option for a tip, but since I was going to get it I just put 0. So I get there and the girl brings me my salad and then she stands there with her pen in hand she says “and then you can just tell me what you want to tip or cash is fine too.” And I was so taken aback I was quiet for a second because I was like wait.. is she asking me? Telling me? Huh? So I said “uh.. I guess a dollar?” And she writes it and says “ok have a good night”

.... am i supposed to be tipping on carry out?! Have I been being an awful person this whole time?! I just never thought it was necessary because I’m literally getting the food myself. Thoughts???

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