Giving birth alone?

My husband has signed up for FIFO (fly in fly out) work and part of the requirement is that he flys to a location to do 2 days of induction this month. That's all fine but I'm due on the 13th of August and his tripped is booked for the 17th-20th.

This is a really good opportunity for us and his boss is paying for everything. Once he secures this job it will be a big pay increase apparently. I agreed to all of this when it first came up last month just fyi.

Anyway, in the event I have not given birth by the time he leaves I will have my MIL to support me and also a great midwife.

Although im so thankful to have my MIL to support me I don't want her there for the physical birth lol.

So what im really asking is, has anyone given birth with only a midwife with you no support person? This is my first baby and I'm so scared.

I know there's no proof baby will come while he's gone but it's a possibility and im trying to prepare myself.

Thanks for any responses.