Questions questions questions


This being my second child you would think I’d have this down packed. But I just had my daughter 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I feel she has done great so far as far as latching on no problem and what not. However when she nurses she only eats for about 10 mins sometimes 15 tops on one side and she is done. My pediatrician said to switch her after 5 mins to the other side but I feel if I do this she won’t get any of the hindmilk. Also she is waking up every night at 10 pm and staying up till almost 2 am fussy and will act hungry but I can’t always get her to latch. What do y’all think? Let her just nurse on the one side and pump the other? If I do that do i just pump for as long as she nurses or how long should I pump? and should I pump the side she nursed on after she is done or no. Or should I do what my pediatrician said and switch her after 5 mins then pump both sides? I’m also wanting to build up a stash for when I go back to work next month so I don’t mind pumping but idk really how to go about this 😭😭😭