Should I keep taking my birth control?

Hi everyone I’ve been on my BC for 2+ years (mini pill) and I wanna get off it because my bf and I broke up again. Haha. Backstory?

My bf and I started dating in Nov 2018, broke up Jan 2020. I still continued to take my pill bc maybe I wanted to hookup with some random dudes right? But quarantine happened so i kept telling myself okay, after this pack i’m done. but it felt weird not taking it

May 2020, bf and i got back together. we met at a Walmart parking lot and started talking again. Officially got back together couple weeks later. Had sex - lots! i’m thankful i didn’t stop BC lol

July 2020, broke up with me over text AGAIN. over the same reason why we broke up the first time. this was 3-4 days ago btw. Still fresh.

now I never orgasmed while i was with him. idk why but i can orgasm while masturbating. i just realized he never really made an effort to help me cum, maybe a couple times yes but not as much as i help cum lol. Also I rarely initiate sex cause of my low sex drive.

I want to see how I am without hormonal BC and just use condoms if i ever start dating again. I’m on the 2nd week of my pack, 2 more weeks to go. should i just wait until then?