Postpartum psychosis

Who do I speak to about it?.. Do I schedule an appointment with a therapist? My normal doctor?.. When I had my daughter I dealt with seeing things, and hearing things. With an intense feeling something was going to try and take her from me. I lived in fear until she was two months old. When I finally realized that it could be postpartum psychosis, I coped with it, and could tell myself "It's not real." Eventually the things I heard and seen stopped bothering me, and I just ignored it. Shortly after, they disappeared. I never went to the doctor for it. I just had my son on the first. This morning I started hearing a voice. It was deep and menacing. It came off like a demon, basically saying it was going to take my children from me. And torture my fiance... It was awful, and it scared me, before I remembered what is causing it. I know that I can cope with it again. I know I can keep telling myself it's not real, and it will go away. I don't want to be hospitalized, because I know I can handle it. If there's a way I can get prescribed something that may help, and make it easier, I'd like to do that. If I go to the doctor, do you think they would hospitalize me? What would happen? This was kindve a vent, I'm sorry it's so long.