2 Miscarriages in 4 Months

I’m struggling to stay positive. I am currently 4.5 weeks pregnant with an impending miscarriage due to my hcg levels decreasing instead of doubling. It’s really hard to be carrying this pregnancy and having pregnancy symptoms while knowing and waiting for it to end. In May, I had a chemical pregnancy after getting a very faint positive test (didn’t even make it 24 hours after finding out I was pregnant.) I go for a work up tomorrow with my OBGYN to hopefully find out why this is happening or to move forward in where to go next. I was feeling so positively about this pregnancy until I got my levels back. Now I can’t help but worry if it’ll ever happen for me, or will I just continue to miscarry. I guess the silver lining is that I know I can conceive. But it doesn’t help the anxiety I have about whether it will survive after conception.