Light spotting after pooping


Hey everyone! This feels like a really gross question. I’m at 5 weeks, 4 days and been super constipated. Tonight I passed a particularly hard stool (I don’t know how else to describe this), and when I wiped I noticed light pink spotting on the toilet paper. It was light but definitely noticeable. I wiped again and no more showed up. I could tell if it was vaginal bleeding or from using the restroom and struggling pass the stool. (I know I know, yuck.) It’s been about an hour and I keep wiping to see if any more blood shows up and I messaged my doctor just in case. I’m probably over worrying but haven’t experienced this before and want to be extra careful. I also can’t remember if I’ve bled after pooping before, so I’m just wondering if that’s a thing. I wish I could tell where it came from but I wiped too quickly to have been able to notice. Thanks guys for being out there so I can ask this awkward question!!