taking a break

last wednesday (july 29) my boyfriend told me he wanted to take a break from our relationship to focus on himself. he suffers from anxiety and depression, and he said that he has been really sad for a while now but he hasn’t been showing it because he had been trying to keep me happy and be a good boyfriend to me. i agreed to take a break, but i have just been extremely sad and i’ve been crying all day, everyday since then. it really hurts me because i’m leaving for college in two weeks and i won’t see him again until winter break, and i really wanted to spend my last couple weeks with him, and now i can’t talk to him, call/ft him, or go hang out with him at all. i have no idea when the break will be over and i have been wanting to ask him if he’s ready yet, but i don’t wanna seem too needy or make him feel guilty or anything for causing all this pain. should i reach out to him or just try to move on???