Cats and babies


I saw a post of a woman asking if her newborn will be safe around her cat or if she should rehome it so I'm kinda piggybacking off of that lol

Okay so I have a 1 year old and I'm due with baby #2 in February. I absolutely LOVEEEE cats and I want to get one soon but I'm concerned of how to go about it. Should I get a new kitten so it can grow up with my kids and be used to children. Or is it better to try and find a cant at a shelter that has been around kids? My main concern is if it isnt child friendly and my kids get seriously hurt. My daughter met her first cat back in June and loved running after it and petting it (I always helped her of course) but I'm just curious what some of you pet mommies think? How do I find the safest pet for my family?