Should I be worried?

*Sorry in advance for this long story*

I had a chemical in March - got positive tests for 3 days then a negative the day after my period would have been due, and that evening I got my period. I then got pregnant again two cycles later which ended in a MMC at 9 weeks. Thing is, I never really mentioned the chemical to my midwife because I just thought if I’d not have been inpatient and tested early, I’d never have known I was pregnant and surely a lot of women have that happen to them? I ended up having to have a D&C for the MMC and I was on the phone to my dr before it to get some questions answered so I mentioned the chemical. She confirmed my thoughts that we wouldn’t have known had I not tested early and didn’t seem bothered. But then the day of my D&C this nurse is prepping me for the surgery and does my IV etc. She then asked me a bunch of questions on a form, like did I have any allergies etc. Then she was like ‘and this was your first pregnancy right?’ And I said ‘yeah, apart from a chemical in March’ and she stopped writing and looked and me and asked ‘was that a confirmed chemical?’ I said it was confirmed with a few pregnancy tests but that I got my period a day later than normal so didn’t have chance to get blood work done and didn’t bother seeking medical attention since I wouldn’t have known if I’d not tested. I can’t really describe it but this look came over her face like she was concerned/it wasn’t normal and then she was like ‘hmm... ok.’ And just left. Should I be worried!? I know I should have asked at the time but I was so emotional/nervous of the surgery that I was not thinking straight lol. Just really want to know everything is ‘normal’ and these were just bad things that happened for no reason.