NIPT inconclusive


Got a call from my OB’s office this AM. Had my blood drawn 1 week ago and they called to tell me my Natera Panorama NIPT came back inconclusive and needed a redraw (not enough fetal DNA). They said it’s rare but happens. The assistant on the phone didn’t sound concerned. I looked up reasons it could happen and it said:

1. Obesity (but I’m under the weight they listed to reference obesity but am obese by BMI standards)

2. Too early (but that’s only the case in someone less than 10wks and I was 11w6d at time of lab draw)

3. Mishandling of specimen

4. Genetic problem with the baby causing aneuploidy (ie Trisomy 13, 18, 21, etc)...which is ironic since that is partly what they’re testing for.

Anyone else run into this “inconclusive” thing then go on and have their repeat one come back fine?