What to do about a picky eater


My 11 month old literally eats like a handful of things...yogurt, fruit purées, cheese, and chicken. Occasionally she’ll have some pieces of fruit. That’s basically it. I’ve tried giving her different things. I try a more baby led weanign approach where I let her eat, I’ve also tried to feed her myself, and yet she normally just spits it out after a bite. I’ve tried feeding her what we eat too. It’s hit or miss. What do I do? It’s so disheartening and frustrating. She’s on formula and has 7 oz bottles about 3 times a day.

Oh and please don’t respond with “food before 1 is for fun”. That’s not entirely true. I know most of her nutrients come from formula but it’s still important that she eats especially since she’ll be 1 in a few weeks.