Current feels


Hi ladies.

I just need to express how i am feeling.

Ill be 8 weeks tomorrow 👏❤

Before pregnancy i was up at 5am every morning in the gym, so full of energy and loving my life with my partner.

We'd train together, go out fequently, dance, listen to music and have so much joy for life.

Since the 5 week mark i have not wanted to move a finger.

I have no energy, desire for anything, feel like im on a roller coster of feelings. One minute i feel slightly depressed and the next its gone and i feel sick.

My hips are sore, i cant get comforable to sleep, things are frusting me easier and my patience is so much less 🤯

We arnt telling family or friends until we're 12 weeks, so i feel lonely with as well.

I just don't know - feeling overwhelmed.😥