16 days late, had unprotected sex, neg tests


Hey guys, 10 tests later and no period in sight.

My period has never been this late (it was once, 3y ago late 8 days) but not 2 weeks.

I was traveling last month and been under stress for different reasons. But my long-term relationship has gotten more relaxed and we weren't really paying attention to protection.

We don't mind either, but im currently going crazy because all the tests have been negative, but still no period. Since I was regular (30-32 days) for last couple of years, we didn't have sex during ovulation. But what if the ovulation was late? Etc. So many questions.

I Will retake test in the morning, and will probably do a blood test soon

I am having some kind of cramps and stomach ache, and I feel some kind of discomfort or discharge. Should I be able to see if I'm pregnant with the test this far after my missed period?

Did anyone have such case of very late period, but you're usually regular? I'll keep you updated as soon as I do the test(s).

Thanks <3