Birth control changes

Rachel • April 16,2012
So I switch BC cause I was in the depo shot and I went to a new doctor she freaked and said I needed to switch ASAP cause it wasn't good to be on it for so long ( I was using depo for 2 years) so I got off of it and waited to get my cycle and started the pill. Apparently the BC did more to me than I thought cause I was a monster coming off of the shot. And since I started the pill I feel like a whole other person. I'm super moody and I can't take a joke anymore when I'm usually the only one in the room laughing. I feel so bad I am putting my boyfriend and everyone else around me under a lot of stress and I don't feel right. Does anyone have a suggestion what I can do to relax on a daily basis and help not be so crazy! Cause I can't be this way I hate it and I feel like I have no control over myself. And I need my control back, any thoughts?