New beau- super dry when we get down n dirty

I'm 20 and I've been seeing this new guy for a while now, and I like him a lot. Except, he is a bit different than my normal type- he's 5 years older, already been married (and divorced), and is in the military. Knowing these things makes me nervous to make us official, because it is so out of my comfort zone, but I am still really into him.

The other night, he brought me back to his place for the first time and we started getting hot and heavy and eventually made the way into the pants. He started playing with me and I am bone dry. I was turned on and very into it, but just wasn't wet.

I'm not on any medication, I'm very hydrated, I am young, and I have never had this problem before. It has been on my mind constantly since then.

Os it possible that I could subconsciously be so nervous about being with him that my body just can't get into it?