Is it possible I could still be pregnant?

So I found out I was pregnant last week but unfortunately started bleeding Tuesday morning. I did have slight clotting so I thought that’s it, its gone and haven’t bothered testing again (last test was Monday morning and it was a vvfl but none of my test ever got dark).

The past couple of days the bleeding has been very bright red, only tend to bleed in the mornings and it calms down come the evening. Sometimes it looks mixed with CM. I also have slight discomfort/pain still around my belly button which I had when I found out I was pregnant. I also tried wine last night and it made me gag, same as it did when I found out before that I was pregnant (I’ve had multiple MC).

Bit of a long shot but could I still be pregnant? I will do a test later when I get home to confirm. But anyone been through something similar?

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