Am I over reacting?

It's so hard to know how to feel about anything these days with covid.

I've told my partner I'm really not okay with large group events yet or indoor gatherings. Anything else is fine and safe-ish or worth the risk to still socialize I feel like.

Every weekend though we fight about these exact things though. He tells me I'm controlling because I don't want him going to bars. We fought about him having 6 people over to play boardgames inside against my wishes the other day. We fought today because he wants to go to a wedding reception for a person he's not particularly close with and I'm not comfortable with it.

We live together, share a bed and are in closer contact with one another than anyone else and I feel hurt and violated that he won't respect my boundaries around what I feel safe with. His actions could bring the virus home to us and I'm not comfortable with that.

Am I being controlling for requesting he not do these things? Am I over reacting?