Sad & Confused...

I love my boyfriend with all my heart. With that said, his family has deeply hurt me to the point where I think they have destroyed my relationship with him.

We have been together for over three years in a committed, steady relationship. Recently, I was invited to his sisters wedding. They have not accepted me into their family in these three years so I was excited to get an opportunity to form a closer family bond with them.

However, when I arrived I discovered that his sister had placed me alone at a table, and placed my boyfriend at her table with the rest of the family and my boyfriends best friend and his wife. I was horrified, humiliated and hurt to the point of crying as I sat alone for 2 hours. No one talked to me the whole time.

After such a horrific experience I think that I will never love his family and will always resent him for not standing up for me and for having such a hurtful feeling.

I have spoken to him and he has told his sister what she did to me was wrong and her reply was that she didn't know if I wanted to sit with family so she put me by myself.

What should I do?... Please give me some insight. My heart has been shattered.