Slow rising HCG??


So when I first got pregnant with my son, it took a week after I had already musses my period to get my bfp. And I am currently 13dpo. I took a test on saturday and got a vvvvvvfl. And I've taken a test every day since and still have only gotten those super faint lines. Could it be that my hcg is just slow rising or because I am testing too early??

And just for reference. My af was due yesterday. My cycles have been 28 days for the oast few months. I am on CD29. I ovulated August 11th. I have been having these symptoms since around 6 or 7dpo


Sore boobs

Food cravings/aversions

Heightened sense of smell

Super high (now unreachable) cervix

Creamy cm

Super moody

And I haven't had any of my normal af cramping either. And I've been doing bbt and my temps still haven't fell below coverline.

But yet these are the results I'm getting on my tests:

I'm hoping to get a bfp soon but I'm not holding my breath now!