Have you/are you sleep training? If so, what method are you doing?


So i want to start sleep training soon, due to the fact that my LO always ends up in bed with us. And sleeps on me during the day. My SO snores and im pretty sure it wakes him up, just like me. And I'll cuddle him in bed with me, he falls right back to sleep, with the intention of putting him back in his bassinet but sometimes i end up falling back to sleep. When i do put him back, he ends up waking back up and hour or two later and I'm not getting any sleep. My SO doesnt get up with him because hes half deaf and practically blind without his contacts, hes got dislocated lenses, so he cant see or hear him at night, so I'm doing all the work, day and night. So my only break is when im sleeping. And im exhausted.

Anywho, i just want to know what worked for you.

My LO is going to be 5 months next week. And the tiniest noise wakes him.

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