How did you wean baby off of night feeds


First time mom to a 10 month. Son wakes up once a night wanting a bottle, he gets 4 ounces its usually between 1am-2 am he eats and goes straight back to bed..(son has to see gi specialist because of milk allergy at 2 months old because he had blood in his stool for 2 whole months).I was told by gi specialist at his 8 month check to keep the feed at night he would drop it on his own i explained to her that my son has been easy i didn't have to sleep train or didn't have to learn how to self soothe he had slept through the night for about a week but his teeth started to come in and thats where he started to wake up 1 time at night cause of loss of appetite during the day but at his 9 month well check a substitute dr saw my son and said he no longer needed the night feed to give him water instead I explained that my son due to milk allergy had some weight gain issues and teething he is just now getting back on track with weight but she insisted that he only get water this week i did lower day by day to 2 ounces and gave him only water last night 2ounces it did not go very well my husband caved and gave him 2 ounces of milk while I went to the bathroom 😒😡so now I'm back to square one and a cranky baby this morning... my husband thinks we should go with what the gi specialist said please tips and advice thank you