Picky eater!


I cant get my son to eat anything healthy bit beans and recently he became so picky he hardly wont eat nothing but crackers...its aweful he has a egg allergy so there is so much he cant eat but what he can eat he doesn't want...when he gets real hungry he will eat but i have to keep trying different meals and its getting frustrating he will hardly eat no meat at all or rice...also he has been in his toddler bed but i dont know how to get him to sleep in his room i dont want to shut him in there and i just know he will get out of bed a wreck havac in the morning...well anyways thanks for listening i swear boys are waaaayyyy harder than girls...and dont even get me started on potty training....hes not having it he does no how to pee in there but will only go when he wants too...my daughter is 16 i feel like i never even done this before...at least hes cute😍