Jealous or am i just insecure?

Hi guys this might sound silly but it’s been bothering me a whole lot. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over two years now we are both in our twenties. Recently at the beginning of quarantine I moved an hour away from him because of school and to be closer to my family. I feel like I’ve been a tad more jealous of what he does on social media. He follows these amazing hot girls with beautiful full bodies while I’m skinny and don’t have much curves. I’ve told him a couple months ago that I didn’t like him liking or following these girls on Instagram and he just reminded me that I’m his and he loves how I look. Recently in the past weeks he’s been non stop liking girls in bikinis, I would be okay with him liking girls pics if he was liking any photo. But I swear he’s only liking half naked girls and bikini pics. I wanna bring it up to him again because it’s been making me feel very insecure but I feel like he would just get upset and think I’m controlling. What should I do?