Advice please? Its long:( please dont be rude

Im 8&3. Everything planned with PTSD and a trial coming up. Only AFTER getting pregnant my psych consultant advises I go cold turkey and completely rule out meds - Which i am doing for the safety of our baby. And things are just getting so bad every week i dont know how me or my partner are going to make it through, were really struggling and to make matters worse my pedophile father was recently harassing me, AGAIN, breaking his no contact order from the judge. Guilt tripping me saying "your poor bro and sis" followed by "wanker, weirdo" and "i'll be back slut". Now hes on the run, nowhere to be found. Hes a psycho on the loose who constantly drinks and takes drugs and is heavily involved in paramilitary gangs. My fear is driving me insane. I cant walk out the door and i sit in silence so i can hear every noise and can immediately call for help if psycho breaks in. I cant go anywhere without my partner. What way is this to live!! I just want normality after 15 years of it haunting me and fear of it ever being leaked and feeling nasty and downright WRONG. It was reported out of my hands. I just want him to be put away or im going to have to uproot my life away from my family. I cant continue this life im miserable. It makes me regret opening this can of worms in the first place. I could have been getting on with my life and him with his, now i fear for my life every hour of every single day. What would you do? Continue to plough through or retract your statement in order to live a half normal life for my new family? At this point i just dont know what to do😭