Mom shaming myself

Well as you can tell by the tittle I already had enough mom shame I don’t need anymore

Last night I gave my baby 13 months a bath

She doesn’t like to sit in the tub and now she’s trying to get out like step out

, I got the water ready (meanwhile my husband was cooking dinner) and I out Victoria in the water standing , I got my self up to get the towel ready and she bend over and smacked her eye corner with the tub , she cried and I got her out right at the moment saw a little blood by her eye and

I freaked out felt horrible and worry about her eye , looked into it and clean up the drop she had

My husband came in the restroom and yielded at me “you only had one job and you didn’t do it”” you don’t pay attention” and grabbed the baby from me ( she wasn’t crying anymore) how ever I felt so bad and thought all night that I am actually falling as a mom , it’s my first baby and every bump hurts like it’s on me , I just felt real bad and needed to share with someone . 

She’s okey today , a little purple eye , but her eye it’s perfect 👌🏻