Anyone know? Thoughts?

My ex and I broke up days ago. Theres a lot of reasons why but one of the big ones was the daily arguments they’d start over predictions. For example we’d be eating and they’d randomly turn to me and say “i predict that if you go further in ur career ud cheat” and obviously I wouldn’t and id say that but theyd start calling me a bitch and a liar or something more far fetched like “watch if you met x celebrity ud fuck the shit out of them slut” (ive only ever been with him and have never cheated) or making a prediction that id make their music career difficult and do xyz. I know its already over but im still curious as to why theyd start these sorts of fights literally every day as if it was part of their daily routine? Anyone in psych that might know? Sometimes i think maybe he was too chicken to just call it quits so he did this for months straight instead but idk somedays id already be having a shitty day crying bc i just got laid off or my uncle passed from corona and he still wouldnt miss a day... i tried for so long to just tell him no please stop starting arguments over things that haven’t happened but it never stopped and now we are over