No periods for 3 months

Hi all just wondering if any if you have some advice or in similar situation.
​I stopped the combined pill end of June. Has normal withdrawal bleed the following week, but since the I've had no period. At the time of my expected periods (around 35 day cycles) I have had around 6-7 days of spotting, which is a mix of brown or pink/ light red discharge. It has been so light only really needed a panty liner. Also, before this week of spotting, maybe 2 weeks before, I have 1-2 days of brown discharge. I have it right now. 
​I have no idea if I'm ovulating as I've had no true period. And I'm desperately TTC, but it's so hard as I have no idea of when my fertile time is (if any)! I'm going to docs on Monday but thought I'd ask you all too. Could the 1-2 days of brown spotting before the week of spotting be ovulation bleeding? Also, can you ovulate without having a period?
​Really frustrated as with first child 3 yes ago I came off pill and got periods straight back to regular then got pregnant the month after. I naively thought 2nd time would be the same