Love Triangle

Carmen • I love Leonel Aguliera ❤️
Me and boyfriend have been dating for 4 months and everything is great except for one main thing. Which is he talk to his ex girl friend and I know she is going through a tough times and he is the only one that knows of the situation but he sees her behind my back. I really thought that they were done. I feel that he is doing what he did with me when he was with her. I know they were in a relationship for almost 4 years but he would always complain and say he was unhappy. I broke up with him like a two weeks ago but we talk things out and he promise to put his part to stop talking to her. Lately I just feel him so cold with me. I love him but it hurts me how he acting towards me. I Ask him what have I done for you to treat me how you treating me and he respond that he scared for me to get tierd of the situation nd leave him. He says he has strong feelings for me but  he doesn't know how to express himself to me... I went through so much to be were I am with him and don't want to give up so easily. I want to fight to the end but I am scared of heartbreak . I don't know what to do?? ??