Help please

This is a letter I have wrote for my boyfriend who isn’t respecting the fact I have a daughter. We spoke about this in depth last night and he did make more of an effort with her today but I just worry it’ll never change and I don’t want my daughter to ever feel not wanted.

Everything was so perfect when we met you would make so much effort with my daughter it made me so happy seeing you with her and seeing how excited you both got to see each other.

You then lost your job and every bit of you with it. You no longer helped with anything at all. I no longer walked out the highchair being randomly cleaned or having you clean up after dinner as I cooked. Instead you would stand in the kitchen and watch me do everything after you just watched me struggle to cook as talulah was unhappy. Our arguments began from there as I felt like I was back to square one from every previous relationship I’ve had. This perfect man I thought I had was once again all a act. It then got worse as I could feel how unhappy my daughter was making you. My own baby would anger you and it broken me every time. I felt uncomfortable in my own home with her as I felt as though you wished she wasn’t around. It just didn’t seem fair I did everything to make your daughter feel as comfortable as I could. As I know personally how horrible it can be to feel unwanted by a step parent. I brought her things, played with her, cuddled her when she was sad, paid and planned things for us to do with her on the weekend and watched her many times for you when you needed time to yourself. I just can’t understand why it’s so hard for you to be able to do the same. You will never possibly do to much that you will confuse her as she needs to feel loved and wanted by you too and she deserves to be. I feel so torn between my own flesh and blood and the man I am so absolutely in love with I can’t even fathom my life without him. It is now made even more harder now I am pregnant there is so much more to consider.

My daughter is 15 months old and has some health issues and the last few weeks she has cried constantly unless i am holding which has been very hard. We have my daughter all but 3 nights of a fortnight and his daughter every second weekend.