I made a post awhile back about my baby’s father being with a minor and getting her pregnant as well as others. & I asked for advice, in which I reported immediately. Since then I have found out a ton of information.

He is being investigated for (2) counts of rape of a minor, (4) counts of statutory rape, (4) counts of solicitation to a minor, (1) count of possession of child pornography, (2) counts of harassment, (2) counts of criminal mischief & stalking, & to top it all of (1) count of failure to register as a sex offender.

(You may ask why I had a child with a registered sex offender & my answer was I honestly didn’t know. He was charged with a sexual battery case as a minor & plead guilty to have his record sealed as long as he registered.)

I never knew about the case! It wasn’t until I spoke to an investigator that I was made aware. He had moved to a different town, & didn’t register (which was my town. He was previously registered for his old location, but not this one.)

I have gained full responsibility and rights to my daughter. Since the case has opened, he’s been stalking and harassing me as well as the 16 year old girl, who got pregnant with his child too. I have been advised to report any suspicious activity & he should (hopefully) be charged this week.

***I’m grateful for everyone who helped me through this time. It’s been rough.

———-Update #2!!!

So we have court this month. Since then, the minor girlfriend and her family has moved. They are part of the protection program. Just some backstory info:

•Tennessee age of consent is 18. Not 16, not 17. It is 18. We do not have a Romeo and Juliet law either, Tennessee has completely changed their laws.

• the youngest girl he slept with was 13, the oldest was 16. the youngest he solicited was 12. HE IS 20.

• I have received numerous death threats and threats to HARM my child and I from him and his friends on fake accounts.

• if you can justify a 20 year old sleeping with a 13 year old-16 year old, and soliciting YOUNGER than that, then this world is really sick.

I will be making another update post later on, for right now I’m trying to make it through