How is your child behavior?

I just need to know if this is normal or if I am a shitty parent .... and how to fix this.

My daughter is soooooo defiant. While I love her tenacity and her desire to explore, she is also very dangerous and reckless. She is constantly pushing chairs up to counters and tables and climbing onto the furniture just to throw things off of it. I have tried the nurturing approaching, explaining why we shouldn’t do this, how she could get hurt etc etc. And when she does fall and get hurt I give her hugs and explain that this is why it’s dangerous... but then she is back at it within 5min.

So this week I tried a more stern approach. I used a stern voice, an angry look, and would shake my finger and show disapproval. Still, no avail. I even started one minute time outs when she doesn’t listen. STILL NOTHING!!! Yesterday I had to give her 6 time outs and she still kept disobeying me. She is completely defiant and doesn’t listen to me.

Wtf am I doing wrong? Is this a normal 2 year old behavior or am I just shitty at being a parent?! Ugh!!! I am so drained I feel like I am losing my mind.