Flagyl Caused Thrush

Caitlin • I`m a married 30 y/o high school digital integration specialist. My husband and I welcomed our rainbow baby into the world 1/2017 and are excited to prepare to expand our family in the next few months.
After I went to the ER for a miscarriage a week ago last Friday, it was discovered that I had bacterial vaginitis. I was put on Flagyl as an antibiotic and my last does was on Friday. Starting Saturday or Sunday, I noticed dryness and a filminess in my mouth that has gotten much worse today.  After coming home from work today I noticed white patches in my mouth and "hair" on my tongue.  I think it might be thrush, I'm getting a sore throat too. My doctor knows I was treated for the BV, what's the likelihood of getting an anti fungal called in for me or will she want to see me for an exam? 
I met with her last week for a follow up after the ER visit, I just don't want to have to swing more time off for another dr. visit. 
Similar experiences or treatment ideas?