Bad symptoms

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Hey everyone! (Rape tw)
I got an IUD implant about a month and a half ago. I wasn't surprised when I got my period 2 weeks early, but I was surprised at the cramps! They were the worst I've ever had, and I had to miss several things because I was in too much pain. 
After about 2 weeks the cramps went away but I still was kind of spotting. 
So I was on my period for about a month and then it was gone for about 3 days (I was rejoicing) and now it's back with even worse cramps. 
I've never been in labor, but the best way I can think to describe the pain is like contractions cuz they come every couple minutes and knock me off my feet and I feel like I have to push. Also, my tailbone hurts a lot (I think it might be that my hips are widening). 
I was supposed to see my gynecologist last week but she had to cancel so I'm seeing her next week. I've been hesitant to talk to her though because when I've gone it's been really triggering to be touched down there (if you get what I'm saying). 
Has anyone else experienced this? Does it get better or should I just have it removed?