7 weeks 6 days pregnant, spotting, on progesterone meds, soreness in boobs dissapeared



sorry for my english, It is not my mother language.

Has any one of you had the same problem then carried on with healthy pregnancy?

I started spotting 4 days ago, at first pinkish, then brown. Went to my doctors the next day, did an ultrasound, baby was alive, healthy heartbeat. No hematomes, everything good. So i taught it was because I had intercourse the day before I started spotting. The doctor prescribed me progesterone, 3x a day 200mg, to stop the bleeding.

This morning I woke up with my boobs feeling normal, just a little bit of pain. My boobs started hurting badly almost the moment i got pregnant so this morning Ii was quite surprised. I still feel nausea, but less than before.

So I did a pregnancy test. It was not the first morning urine, the line is there, but not as strong as the one a got after a week of missed period.

Ofcourse, I started googling like crazy.

It does not sound good, does it...