Worried about long cycles

Lalalala • blah

Well, I'm out this month, but I've also realized a weird (for me)pattern. Up until 5 months ago I had an average 28 day cycle ( for many, many years). 3 months ago I had a 32 days cycle, 2 months ago a 37 day cycle, my last full cycle was 39 days. .and this month, so far I'm I'm to 40 days. TTC is hard. But am I even ovulating at all? Me and my SO been having sex every two-three days. And that worked in the past..but that's when I had regular cycles.

I'm very stressed, barely sleep, and on top of it I lost weight, because when I'm stressed I can't eat. .I'm down to 85 lbs! And if I force myself to eat, I throw up. .I'm so close to give up. .