What would you think?

Would you wonder if someone is being sneaky on their phone if they constantly sleep with it randomly placed in the bed (not under anything, openly placed), constantly misplacing it and having to hunt it down, etc.

Or do you feel like someone hiding something would be more on top of keeping a phone out of risk of being picked up by the person you are hiding something from?

If you had a mesaage from them on Facebook but it was deleted 30 minutes later, before you could read it. They tell you cause it was meant for someone else then they screen shot you what they said was meant for the other person to show you..would you think they were lying or hiding something?

You've walked in on them a couple times and they quickly put their phone down. They tell you that it is because they were talking selfies and they are insecure but, they show you a glance at the selfies you were just taking as proof. Since you've known them, they have never really taken selfies around you. You don't even take selfies around the person either.

Do you think these are justified concerns and reasons to feel suspicious? Would you think maybe you felt this way because you recently got caught crossing a line with someone on an emotional level and it caused a big issue between you and the other person?