Okay ladies, need some help!! Confused?πŸ˜•

Hailey β€’ i have a year old son, who is my whole world! Im currently trying to get pregnant. I would love to give my son, a little brother or sister!☺
I was suppose to get my AF yesterday, I didn't get it.... I took a test this morning and it was negative! πŸ˜” But I was having slight cramping, bloating, backaches, and sore breasts and creamy CM. So today (this afternoon) I noticed a brown discharge and it was light (thought it might be AF)But I only noticed it when I wiped. I go to check it out again (just before bed)and it was light brown and clear and stretchy. And I've never had that before!! I'm kinda confused about it.... Idk, it might just be normal but like I said, I've never experienced it before. Wanting to see what my Glow ladies had to say about it. ☺ Would greatly appreciate the advice! Thank you all in advance! β˜ΊπŸ’œ Hoping there is still hope!!!!