Marital Impasse

When my husband and I married five years ago, I wanted a child right away, but we both agreed to wait until we were financially stable and a little older.
​Fast forward five years:  We're less financially stable now, my husband flits from job to job, and we have $8,000-ish in debt.  I have a stable, salaried position making $43,000/year, and now I've watched my closest friends give birth and suddenly become distant or miserable wretches.  I don't feel prepared in any way whatsoever to try to start conceiving, but because I have a better job now than I did a year ago (was making $28,000-ish), my husband thinks everything is good to go.  I don't see our financial situation changing drastically for the better anytime within the next five years, and I don't want to start TTC in my 30s.
​On top of the financial crap, he NEVER volunteers to help with housework, and whines every time I force him to help.  I feel like childcare would be more of the same, and I'm terrified of the idea of being a de facto single parent.  
​So, now I feel like I just don't want children at all, but my husband is still absolutely set on having two kids.
​Anyone have any advice or ideas?