Tired of leaky pads?

Try disposable diaper/underwear like depends. It may sound weird and cause you may feel like an Incontinent old lady, but you'll forget about all that when you're no longer leaking and ruining your underwear,clothes,sheets ect. I have yet to find an overnight pad that works well. The blood always manages to find its way out and they feel awful to wear. I hate them. The depends really work for sleeping, I'm telling you, I can sleep in all positions without a care in the world (on my belly, on my back, ect) heck, I'll even wear them through the day on my heaviest one. If you're concerned about it getting everywhere and being gross like a poopy diaper, it's not like that. They absorb really well.  They're not too noticeable if you wear them out, just be sure to get an appropiate size. If you're wearing tights/yoga pants just wear a larger shirt/ sweater and you'll be fine or get the active fit which aren't as noticeable. They don't make noise if you're worried about that. I personally feel that pads make more noise. Nobody will notice you're walking around in an adult diaper. If you're weird like me, you'll think it's kind of fun wearing them. Give them a try ladies! They can be a little pricy compared to pads, but note that you probably won't use the whole box in one period. I use them for my heavy days and for nights. Prices can vary from store to store. Try them out! It'll change your life, I've never felt so free!