Long distance relationships

My boyfriend and I are about an hour apart. We make a point to see each other every other weekend. He works an awful lot and has his son every other weekend as well, so the weekends he doesn't have his son we're typically together. Last weekend we had taken my daughter to Brookfield zoo in Brookfield, Illinois, a dolphin show, the mall, and wrapped the weekend up with going to see the new Peanuts movie. The two weekends before that we got a nice room with a jacuzzi and had "attempted" ice skating. Attempted because I made it two laps and I gave up. A few days before that he had taken me to my first Luke Bryan and country concert. I am not worried about whether or not or relationship is going to last. That is the least of my worries. We have known each other for years and had gone to high school together, but what are some of the things y'all do to try keeping your long distance relationships fresh? So far I have been sending him love letters during the weeks we're not together. Tomorrow will be my third letter. The second, I had hid it in my overnight bag and completely forgot about it. He was going through my bag looking for a movie and I was like, "oh it's in this compartment" and I accidently led him to the note I forgot about. Although, it worked out perfect. I just sat down and wrote an entire short little paragraph about all the things I miss about him. Next time, I'm thinking about writing a short little paragraph about all the things I love about him. I can just picture us five-ten years down the road stumbling across a box of letters.