Just wanted to tell my story

Josie • FINALLY have my baby <3

Where do I even begin.

When I turned 18 in May I found out I had PCOS, and was immediately told that I needed to start taking metformin. I got married in September, wanting a baby right away. Well, things went down hill... A lot. I was almost three weeks late and dicided to take a HCG test, it came out positive.. boy was I happy, I went and got blood work two days later and that was a negative. I was confused and dicided I would wait and take another HCG text, which I took four more. I went and god another blood test done and still, negative. I had 5 false positive text. My doctor then put me on Provera, when I started my period it COMPLETLY crushed me. Two months later and still trying.. I'm loosing hope, and I can't seem to find it. I'm just so depressed and stressed about it all.

Encouraging words, or someone to talk to would be great.