Losing my mind! Please help!

I'm going crazy! Literally!! I freak out over everything a few weeks ago I noticed I had some vaginal itching so I told my doctor and she did a test I'm not sure if it was a full panel std test or what but she said it came back negative and said I just had a yeast infection I also had some itching on my butt crack an ear infection and I've been sick off and on so I did some research (which ur never supposed to do while pregnant) but it talked a lot about stds like herpes and hiv. For some reason I have it stuck in my head that I have one of these I don't have any bumps or worts or anything anywhere but I can't stop freaking out I seriously think pregnancy has driven me nuts and idk how to calm down or stay off the internet. I have an appointment next week and I feel like I call my dr way to much and I never feel like she helps me. Is there anyone out there that can help calm my nerves! Please!!! I'm about ready to break down!