I'm going to cry..😔

Claudya • Jaxon Grey`s mommy 👸🏽👶🏽💙
All ive witnessed down my TL are women finding out that they are blessed with baby boys.. I want to cry because I feel like next year with so many baby boys being born I will be the odd one out who's blessed with a baby girl. Don't get me wrong whatever this baby is I will love it as long as he or she is healthy, wait no screw that if I find out if my baby has some type of illness or mental illness I'll still love it.. BUT my heart is set on a little prince.. I just don't feel as if I would be able to raise a baby girl as good as I would with a boy. I know God doesn't give us more then we can handle so I'm just going to suck it up and think of the good things that could come from having a girl..  Have you ever had your heart set on a certain gender? And didn't get it or did? I would really like to know that I'm not the only woman who felt like this