Unexplained infertility


Just needed some words of encouragement ladies. In March after 6 rounds of clomid, HSG & SIS I found out we had spontaneous infertility and was given a PCOS diagnosis as well. Medically I’m a healthy 28 year old. And my hubby is medically sound as well. We were encouraged to try naturally or seek a specialist moving forward. I feel so betrayed as a woman and by my own body. I want to give my husband children and feel life inside me. Normally over the moon when I hear of friends & family growing their families but now I’m no longer happy to hear of other women getting positive pregnancy tests and am becoming a little bitter. Any of you have words of encouragement/ tips or tricks to get through these blue days?? Have you had similar experiences but were able to concieve still?

Sending Love in solidarity ❤️