Showing & cramping??


Hi everyone! First time mama here!

When I went for my first ultrasound at what was supposedly 6wks6days I was told I was measuring at 5wks6days (original due date was 17 April, then changed to 24april.) They recorded my due date still as the 17th & I’ve been told to go off the first day making the due date 17th April again & making me 10wks2days now.

I don’t know if anyone else knows what I mean when you get cramps after trying to hold in your tummy for too long throughout the day & then when you stop you feel better after farting out the extra air you’ve trapped in your stomach? I’m feeling these kinds of cramps at the moment & my belly is definitely growing but I feel like this isn’t a true “bump” as per say, does this look like baby starting to show to everyone else or could this be bloating & air trapped in my tummy causing my belly to be getting this big? I have a lot of farts & air coming out at the end of the day when I get home from work just wanting to really know if baby is starting to show or whether I am a little over-bloated? Is this all normal?

Also feel a bit like the odd one out at the moment not constantly feeling the need to pee & stuff either? Definitely overthinking everything being my first time but wanna know if this is the same for anyone else?

Thanks in advance!

Can’t wait to meet my little jellybean!! 🥰