Need a pregnant friend!


Hi, this is a friend application. I am 19-5 weeks pregnant. And I have no pregnant friends. Only friends who have already had babies. So I’m doing like an application

My name is Brianna,

I am 18 years old (I’ll be 19 in February)

I am going to be a first time mom

I am looking for a nonjudgmental friend that will be my friend even if we have opposing views on things.

Basically just someone I can talk and relate to during my pregnancy so I don’t feel so alone.

And I live in Ohio!!

Edit: So I’m commenting on here rn because I have gotten some judgmental rude people trying to become friends!! If you cannot accept what I post and my opinions we cannot be friends!! I do not need to wake up from a stress relief nap and have 4 large paragraphs about my post about trying to bring piece in the world instead of violence and getting insulted and ridiculed for wanting everyone to stop insulting and ridiculing each other. IF YOU CANT JUST BE A HELPFUL FRIEND GET OUT OF HERE!